Who is serena dating on gossip girl

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“Reversals of Fortune”: Gossip Girl says Serena left NYC for Europe a star and has come back a supernova.The paparazzi trail her everywhere she goes, and she gives them tons of material to work with. Carter goes after her and professes his feelings, saying of S’s dad, “Who the hell is he not to want you? “The Freshmen”: S decides that Brown ain’t for her after all, and shows up at the “Bass cave,” asking to crash there.

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Lily still doesn’t agree with S’s decision, so Serena moves out of the VDW and into Blair’s empty penthouse. “Rufus Getting Married”: Carter makes Serena blueberry toaster pastry for breakfast.Dan writes a book about the Upper East Side, ineffectively disguising Serena as ‘Sabrina’. This threatens Serena’s blossoming career and she readies herself for battle. A shallow girl on the UES who parties hard and sleeps around. Of course, Serena and her goldie-locks gets the ultimate revenge when she sabotages plans for him to have his book made into a film. Thus the entire reason their lives were in a constant state of flux, drama and scandal. So she buys the Patrick Mc Mullan photograph from under Blair and Chuck’s noses. Serena also realizes Georgina was behind the Blair/Table Elitaire scheme, and threatens her.We finally find out what happened in Santorini: Carter stole a boat to take Serena to see her father (who was about to remarry). At the end of the episode, Serena goes back to Carter and (of course) he takes her back.They break up and get back together more times than a relationship.

First it’s just high school shenanigans – like Serena being jealous of Dan and Vanessa’s relationship.You might also be interested in this list of Serena Williams' celebrity friends.If you're wondering "Who has Serena Williams dated? This list features Serena Williams's ex-boyfriends along with additional information about them, such as when they were born and what they do professionally.“Dan de Fleurette”: As promised, Rufus helps Serena prepare to tell Lily about her decision to defer her year at college; Lily arrives home and ain’t too pleased with Serena’s plan to stay in the city “finding herself” for a year.Determined to prove to her mother that she’s not going to laze around, S goes to job interviews with designers and at galleries — but no one wants to hire an uneducated 18-year-old socialite! But fate puts her beside Olivia and her publicist KC, and S impresses with her “diva whisperer” skills.S is lying to everyone about her summer — except to Carter Baizen. In a blaze of attention-seeking behavior, S steals a horse at the polo match (after promising Rufus she hasn’t “gone off the rails again”) so photographers will take her photo and her father will see them. After she spills Chuck’s secret plan to open a speakeasy and ruins his business meeting, he calls her a trainwreck, and she seems to rise to that challenge.