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Can they escape the clutches of a powerful Latina Mistress?

During the Korean War, Doctor Albert Morgan is conducting experiments for intelligence. He is also building himself a harem of slave girls using an experimental drug that erases minds. Amber has always been the wet blanket of the book club—until her friend Brynn suggests they go skydiving next week instead.

Sometime in the mid Twentieth Century, led by a clique who called themselves the Hellions, the Lodge inner circle became very interested in all aspects of total control, especially mind control.

It was from this interest that the Special Exhibit developed.

The rules of the university require that you be evaluated by the school’s psychologist before you get approved for a scholarship to the prestigious school.

Evilena came to her appointment, but who is evaluating who?

Ella, her best friend, decides to try for an intervention. But as the ring takes over, and our heroine becomes a victim rather than a victor, it appears there will be no revelation for this episode....

Will it be successful or is Em now happy in front of the camera responding to Lara’s commands? In typical monster-of-the-week fashion, the finding of a special ring changes one girl’s life in extraordinary ways. Strange things were rumored to have happened in the old Mill’s estate which has now been converted into a Bed & Breakfast.Will Marsha prevail, or will she end up entertaining the Childress family in one of their establishments?Lisa—again—comes into contact with manipulated items, originally designed to make everyday life easier.Lenny is upset when he learns that Julia is working as a waitress ten years after they graduated, so he realizes he has to do something to learn what happened to her in that time, and maybe to help make things better for both of them.Joe bumps into someone at a reunion that he doesn’t remember. And it turns out that there are some things about her that Joe might remember better than he realizes.An empathic mind control creature is draining people of everything that makes them human for unknown reasons.