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Do you go to your parents and declare: “Mum/Dad, Michael wants us to travel together.” Or do you lie that you’re going with a group of friends?

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Whilst a guy doesn’t necessarily have to ask anybody for permission to go away with his lover, he might have to ask his Bank Balance the pertinent question: “Actual Bae, can we really do this? Costs become multiplied if you’re dating someone who expects you to furnish her with ‘shopping money’.Are we so afraid of sex outside of marriage that the mere thought of a holiday raises that specific red flag? Is it really bad to go for a week away to go explore Olumo Rocks in Abeokuta?I don’t think men have this problem when they’re planning a holiday.The urge to take ‘selfies with Bae in Mauritius’ is too strong. There are some good stories, with interesting ideas but the grammar is so bad, I don’t know where to start.What do you think about the idea of going on holiday with your boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancé? Please share some of your cloak and dagger stories. Look, it is impossible for eyes to ‘roll indefinitely.’ Then you don’t have to TELL your reader everything. (“Maami is blind”) So we’re going to have a Google Hangout to talk about writing.He has told her about Shiroro Dam and the Zuma rock exploration.

She is excited at the prospect of all these beautiful sights – something extra for her to share with her boyfriend. You better not go anywhere with any man who has not come to make his intentions known.” Yeah…Michael proposed to me while we were on holiday in Rome. ” I read these stories and think about the average Nigerian home.He knows Italy holds a special place in my heart; so when he suggested that we go away on holiday to the ancient city, I was completely thrilled. Where do these people tell their parents they’re going? Picture a 23-year old woman whose boyfriend has suggested a trip to Ghana for the extended Sallah public holiday.“Why am I paying all this money if you want to spend the entire time in the shops… ” This is how I know that Nigerian men have completely different perspectives on these things. For the woman, she has to think about the propriety of going away with Michael.Even if she decides to do it under the radar, social media is a problem. Oh wait, before I sign off, I have to thank everybody who has been a part of the creative writing giveaway The competition is on till Wednesday the 5th, so please keep the entries coming. I realise a lot of people struggle with basic things like tenses and structure.You know how we are always quick to say we’re very cultural.