Xcode app icon not updating

03-Jan-2020 20:49 by 2 Comments

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This way, you can have an i OS icon with native rounded corners and an Android icon with a transparent background.

To save you the stress of dealing with all that, we’ve made it possible for you to generate app icons and splash screens via the Ionic CLI.

As @Tetsujin says, also ensure you have an appropriate version of OSX to support the version of Xcode you are going to be running.

Note: * You no longer need a developer account, although you may want to consider this depending on the type of development you are going to be doing.

The button remains pressed and a loop icon appears on the top.

But it stays like that for hours and there's no sign it's updating.

What about after they install it and start the app?

An app icon and splash screen (launch image) are important parts of any app, yet making them used to be incredibly tedious.But it doesn't appear in the updates page of the App Store.So, I searched for XCode in the App Store and clicked the little update button.See this Apple Developer page for details and links to create the appropriate account types.Note that you can start with a free Apple ID and upgrade later as necessary. Simply move the app to the Trash, restart the App Store app and try downloading the app again.Josh has been hard at work on this, and it will be landing in the CLI as a beta feature soon.